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We work with corporate buyers to solicit bids and RFP responses from Deaf businesses.

Buy From Verified Businesses

Deaf-owned businesses are screened and verified manually for inclusion in the Buy Deaf Initiative.

Provide Vital Economic Support

Disadvantaged business owners will benefit the most when people choose to buy from them.

Now Serving Buyers of Service Industries

We're now able to serve businesses that want to Buy Deaf services in the following industries: Language/Translation, Financial Services, Corporate Travel, Legal Services, Marketing and Web Development, and more upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are seeking proposals from local Chamber of Commerces, nonprofit organizations, and businesses to partner in developing programs and resources for Deaf and hard-of-hearing business owners. 

Proposals are open-ended but should be written and include the following:

  1. What is your objective?
  2. What type of support from NDCOC and/or its partners do you need to achieve your objective?
  3. What will be your contribution to the initiative? 

We are looking for proposals that may have some of the following initiatives:

  1. Creating American Sign Language translations of existing resources offered by local Chamber of Commerce 
  2. Captioning or adding ASL interpretation of existing videos
  3. Offering ASL Interpreters at local events and soliciting participation by deaf and hard-of-hearing business owners
  4. Offering reciprocal membership and perks for local deaf and hard-of-hearing businesses
  5. Funding or sponsoring an award, event or marketing campaign that raises awareness and opportunities for deaf and hard-of-hearing businesses
  6. Provide free or reduced cost access to software and services for businesses

Other ideas and proposals are welcome.

NTID/RIT is currently working with the NDCOC to solicit proposals and ideas to develop opportunities for young entrepreneurs and prospective business owners who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. 

Proposals should include the requested contribution from RIT/NTID and the contribution of the business or local Chamber of Commerce. Examples include but not limited to:

  1. Sponsoring NTID/RIT entrepreneur programs and activities for deaf and hard-of-hearing students
  2. Creating credit or paid internship opportunities to execute portions of new program initiatives.
  3. Using NTID/RIT facilities to execute portions of new program initiatives. 

The benefit of a partnership with the NDCOC-NTID/RIT is the ability to support and develop opportunities for young deaf and hard-of-hearing business owners. 



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